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Optimum accessibility in schools

Achieving optimum accessibility - especially for students’ personal hygiene- in new educational building and upgrade/refurbishment projects is being simplified through a ‘ready reference’ just published.

‘Considerations & Specification of Hygiene Rooms in Educational Establishments’ is an innovative white paper, produced by leading disabled toileting solutions provider
Clos-o-Mat. The paper covers all new legislative and ‘good practice’ guidelines for design and specification of the ‘bigger and better’ accessible toilets in schools, colleges and universities, simplifying the compliance process.

“One child in 20 under the age of 16 is disabled. Some 60% of statemented children are now in mainstream schooling. Over 20,000 students have a disability- almost 6% of the student population. Provision of appropriate, accessible toilet facilities is therefore increasingly important in educational building projects, and that extends to hygiene rooms, which contain more, complex equipment,” explains Claire Haymes, Clos-o-Mat’s dedicated hygiene rooms manager.

“We are the only specialist disabled toileting company that has a proven track record not only in the supply of equipment, but all aspects of the process, from design advice through project management to commissioning and future service & maintenance.”

The white paper can be downloaded free of charge from Clos-o-Mat’s website, along with the company’s other sector- specific white papers, and a full ambit of CAD drawings to cut and paste into plans.

Clos-o-Mat is unique in being able to deliver, in house, design advice, supply, install, commissioning, and maintenance of all the equipment for a hygiene room or accessible washroom, toilet or changing room. It has over 50 years’ experience in the sector, whilst its Palma Vita is the only unit of its kind developed specifically for disabled people. Clos-o-Mat is now the UK’s leading supplier of hygiene rooms and their public equivalent, Changing Places toilets.

Clos-o-Mat range is visible on our site or on

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