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Quirky B by Alternative Flooring

Alternative Flooring has created Quirky B; a new broadloom patterned carpet collection in collaboration with designers Margo Selby and Ashley Hicks, as well as developing more designer Quirky patterns in-house. These wool carpets are woven on traditional carpet looms in the UK.

Margo Selby for Alternative Flooring
Margo Selby is a woven textile designer who creates colourful handcrafted fabrics. Her first ever carpet and runner designs for Alternative Flooring are Fair Isle and Shuttle. Both are beautifully crafted in Margo Selby’s trademark 3-dimensional style and feature her distinctive graphic patterns in earthy and vibrant colour mixes. The innovative designs are developed on handlooms by Margo in her studio and then woven into broadloom carpets.

'The Margo Selby for Alternative Flooring collection is inspired by a collection of deflected double weave hand-woven cloths that I have been developing on my hand loom in the studio. I am excited with my first flooring collaboration and see both carpet and colour coming back into fashion. I am proud to be part of a booming craft scene in the UK. Making on a hand loom was an integral part of the design process for my first carpets, the designs were originally produced as soft silk and wool fabrics and have been blown up and re-coloured to make them suitable for flooring. The graphic colour combinations with contrasting light and dark shades give a deep textural feel to this new patterned carpets and runners.’ Margo Selby

Fair Isle is a pattern carpet and punchy runner with signature Margo Selby motifs repeated in rows. The three colourways are named after female weavers.

• Fair Isle Annie: duck egg, moss, grey, brown on linen
• Fair Isle Sutton: black, brown, light and mid grey on linen
• Fair Isle Reiko: red, damson, purple and grey on linen

Shuttle is a carpet in a rhythmic crisscross design named after the Shuttle, the tool that carries the thread across the loom weft yarn while weaving. The colourways are named after male weavers.

• Shuttle Silas: black, duck egg and grey on linen
• Shuttle Jack: duck egg, grey and brown on linen
• Shuttle Peter: red, damson and grey on linen

Ashley Hicks for Alternative Flooring
International interior and furniture designer Ashley Hicks has designed two distinct patterned carpets for Alternative Flooring called Chainmail and Daisy, each with three timeless colour combinations.

‘I’m thrilled to present these new carpet designs. I love Alternative's fresh, no-nonsense approach – so different from the usual designer carpet world. I love pattern, and especially on the floor. It gives instant character and vitality to a space, as well as usefully hiding marks and damage (as a father, I know about that!) I created the Chainmail design for a roomset at Somerset House, but its angular geometry would work just as well anywhere. A play on traditional hexagon grids, its interwoven chain links give a dynamic edge to a room. Daisy, inspired by wall-decoration in an old temple in Sri Lanka, has a punchy, Pop presence that will inject a touch of 60’s glamour into any room.’ Ashley Hicks

These are original carpets set to become modern classics.

Chainmail is a handsome geometric created in an original new guise with a palette named after different kinds of chain links.

• Chainmail Figaro: red, damson, black and linen
• Chainmail Venetian: light brown, moss and linen
• Chainmail Panther: black, brown, red and linen

Daisy is a vintage tile-like floral with repeated rows of large and small flowers in shades recalling different varieties of Daisies.

• Daisy Gerbera: mono black, brown and linen
• Daisy Gloriosa: natural brown, duck-egg and linen
• Daisy Cosmos: statement red, damson and brown

Following the success of Alternative’s patterned Quirky runners, Quirky B has now been developed in five fabulous broadloom designs Spotty, Geo and Zebo, Zip and Honeycomb available variously in black, damson, duck egg, grey and moss.

Quirky B carpets are available in 3.66m wide axminster and the Margo Selby runners in 69cm widths. The composition is luxurious yet hardwearing 80% Wool and 20% Nylon with a woven jute backing.

Margo Selby and Ashley Hicks for Alternative Flooring £95.85/sq.m
Spotty, Geo, Zebo, Zip and Honeycomb £88.20/sq.m

Lorna Haigh, the head of marketing at Alternative Flooring says, 'as our lives become busier, we all need the power of quiet. In large rooms hard floors are noisy and cold. Carpet exudes comfort and brings joy to the home.'

Quirky B is not just stylish but practical. Patterns don’t show marks while wool is both soft and strong. Little wonder the whole nation is warming to the cool comfort of wool carpet and the joy of pattern that makes our floors sing!

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