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Wilo pumps in listed Wiltshire home

Pumps supplied by Wilo UK have played a role in transforming the aging heating system in a large private home in a rural location near Salisbury in Wiltshire. Parts of the property date back to the 17th century, whilst the house underwent a major enlargement project in 1842. At some stage in its life, the house was a Rectory and the stone it’s built from – Chilmark limestone from a local quarry a few miles down the road - is exactly that used to build much of Salisbury Cathedral.

Alexandra Heating Services, based at Old Sarum in Salisbury was asked to take a look at a heating system that was well past its sell by date. The owner had bought the property and discovered that he had inherited an oil fuelled heating system that was exceptionally expensive to run and difficult to control. The old 1960’s vintage oil combination boiler weighed in at over two tons and it had to be cut up to be removed.

The replacement system is a very complex – not aided by the fact that all the new equipment being installed had to fit into an extremely tight plant room outside the house. As AHS MD Alan Betts says, “it was really more suitable a size for a yacht than a large house” – but it was what they had to work with so they set about installing a Viessmann Vitrondens 200 60kw oil boiler – not available in the UK but imported from Ireland - and all the additional components that included weather compensation equipment. The system provides three fully weather compensated heating circuits and one constant temperature circuit for the under floor heating. The house has six bedrooms and four bathrooms and has an area of 6600 square feet.

The owner wanted equipment that was as reliable as it could be so AHS specified two Wilo Stratos circulating pumps for hot water circulation and primary hot water heating. They also specified a Wilo Comfort COR-2 pressure booster set to ensure water pressure was high enough to supply water around the home as required, along with two large expansion vessels and a custom built 1500 litre cold water break tank. All in a room six feet by nine feet!

The end result is impressive. The house is now an even temperature day and night – regardless of external temperature. The weather compensation has completely changed the character of the heating in the building as the heat is added in response to changes to outside temperature, not the internal temperature. Before the new system was installed the house was always too hot or too cold. That’s now a thing of the past.

The replacement of the almost antique boiler with a state of the art heating system, still oil fired, has seen a huge reduction in oil usage and cost. Heating costs have plummeted by almost 75%: “We were using 2000 litres of oil every month when we arrived – that’s dropped to an average of 510 with the new system,” says the proud owner of the property. “And we’ve not added any additional insulation to what is primarily a single glazed, stone built home with no particular thermal efficiency. It’s simply down to the installation of the new heating system with the latest in temperature curve control programming and weather compensation, that a massive shift in performance has been achieved.”

“On an annual basis that’s a drop from 24,000 litres a year to just 7,578 – a saving in real terms of around £8,700 – that’s staggering!” says AHS MD Alan Betts. “We’ve been very proud to be involved in this installation and to be able to achieve the stated aims of the customer at the outset and within his very tight timescales. As well as competently installing a new boiler that was not available in this country we’ve used a range of high quality components typified by the Wilo pumps and booster set, which are renowned in the UK for their energy efficiency credentials and their reliability. It’s been a joy to work here and we’re very pleased with the outcome achieved.”

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