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Introducing Mosa Scene

A stylish and adaptable range for the creation of fascinating scenes in an effortless, single gesture, while producing bespoke wall and floor colour gradations that give depth and richness to any surface. The use of Scenes has the power to generate, by default, environments of unparalleled imagination.

Natural colours in four textures

Mosa Scenes comes in eight colour groups featuring four cool and four warm colour sets in 15 x 15 cm. To enhance the concept of depth in creating a more personalised environment, each colour group has been assigned four different textures: grain, clay, sand and grit.

By sight the fine-granular tiles create a softer visual against the larger granular tiles. The play of textures creates subtle nuances in the overall pattern and is inspired by the natural textures of the soil, cleverly designed to maintain an ageless aesthetic.

Scene builder

The Mosa Scenes range ensures diversity and style and can be applied equally well on both vertical and horizontal surfaces and smaller and larger areas. The series’ hardwearing make and vivid, yet natural colour shades mean that Scenes is an ideal option for a large variety of spaces, from wet areas, such as bathrooms, to hospitality and retail spaces.

Naturally created

Combining two or three tiles from a colour group - where a gradual soft build-up of the scene can be imagined - can create elegant and subtle effects. To create a more vivid and expressive atmosphere, the fourth tone from the colour set can be added. This breaks the continuity of the other tones, allowing the designer or architect to be livelier with the ambiance they want to create.

Functional performance

The four textures available in the Scenes collection are: grain, clay, sand and grit. They vary from a powdery soft clay feel to coarser sandy and rough grain and come in both smooth and the non-slip micro-relief (MR) surface.

The Mosa Scenes collection has been designed as a unique, cost-effective and complete solution for architects and designers to efficiently create unparalleled environments. Every tile has its own identity so in any combination, random or rhythmic, a scene is created by default. This results in a collection that has an easy design process and easy installation.


Mosa Scenes tiles are Cradle to Cradle® Silver certified. Mosa tiles are DUBO certified and have been conveniently classified in the National Environmental Database. All of our tiles have contributed to attaining LEED and BREEAM certification and/or points. Our tiles consist of at least 22% pre-consumer recycled materials.

Learn more about Mosa Scenes here.

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