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Wall-to-wall carpets are back

Wall-to-wall carpets are back in fashion! Carpet is back with a bang this season and bursting with pattern, texture and colour. People are becoming bolder with flooring choices and happy to mix and match designs or make carpet a statement.

Quirky Dotty Damson

According to new data provided by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) carpet sales are now growing at their fastest rate since 1996!

Why these buoyant sales? Well, various reasons have been muted from the economic – the seeds of recovery, to the decorative - the trend for pattern. Texture also plays a great role as homeowners rediscover bare-foot luxury. Plus when carpets go wall-to-wall they make rooms feel bigger because they lead the eye to the very edges of a space.

Practically speaking, pattern doesn’t show those spots and spills, while wool is strong so can undergo a bit of wear and tear. For the minimalist-minded Sisal is a great solution for people who are unsure about going straight back to carpet, because it looks contemporary but is also quiet and warm.

Alternative Flooring's Lorna Haigh says, 'as our lives become busier, we all need the power of quiet. In large rooms hard floors are noisy and cold. Carpet exudes comfort and brings joy to the home.'

Here’s a few magic carpets courtesy of Alternative Flooring...

Pattern & Colour
Rock n Roll stripes inject drama into a room.

Wide Blocstripes in moon mineral makes for calm contemporary spaces

Tone & Texture
Chunky sisals add depth while fine sisal is softly tactile.

And a word or two about wool
Wool is the nation’s favourite. It’s natural, renewable and a natural insulator.
And for wool carpet lovers this is music to your ears - EASY CARE!
Wool Knot undyed carpet - 100% natural, feel good flooring

Carpet invites us to be comfortable and is just nicer to walk on barefoot or not!

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