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Building Pieces
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About us

Building Pieces is a collaborative platform designed by professionals and experts from the building industry. We are driven on bringing together a selection of quality products to help specifiers design their projects.


Building Pieces is fully illustrated making the search process much easier. Searches can be easily sorted by product, manufacturer or recently listed, providing simple results and removing the time-consuming task of going through each manufacturer individually.


Once products have been selected, a clear and simple library is built and reports can be created for a specific project, ready to be shared with the design and build team. Find out more on the powerful library and the integrated project here.





Simplicity is fully illustrated to save you time searching for the right category. We believe that simplicity is the answer to the complex task of finding suitable products that have the right design. Building Pieces is a simple answer for professionals, designed to improve productivity and increase creativity.




Compliance lists the latest regulations to provide professionals with relevant and useful information. Our aim is to simplify searches within a crowded regulatory environment. We allow manufacturers to upload BIM files so architects can download them directly into their drawings.




Mobility is compatible with tablets and smartphones. This enables users to browse easily at their own leisure while on move.



Sustainability has been designed to respect the environment and avoid printing brochures. The site is designed to search, store, share and specify without printing. Please join us in respecting our planet.